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About our company


“Solo” jackets are 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, – also machine washable.


The finest fabrics, styling and manufacturing process ensure a comfortable jacket that students love to wear – for years!


10 Styles for Girl and Boy Students – also Unisex.


High production “Solo” jackets are low priced and for value, the most affordable. Prices include many special features.


Solo jackets are an added prestige item to complete the school uniform and the image of the school. Whether to and from school, on teams or the touchline and all cultural and other events, students look smart.


Exclusive styles and uniform co-ordination colours – over 56 colourways currently.


Included in our prices, are to the finest artistic detail. Our service includes designing and also improving detail in old crests.


We supply through your regular uniform shop – or direct. We include consultations and presentations with Principals, Student and Parent Councils etc. We provide samples of your jacket design and also assist in fitting sessions and distribution.