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Global Recycled Standard


Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Our garments meet the standards set by the GRS.
GRS certification ensures that our jackets are made using recycled materials, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. By choosing GRS certified garments, you can be confident of making an Eco – conscious choice. Our jackets not only minimise the demand for virgin materials, but also contribute to the reduction of waste, energy consumption and emissions associated with manufacturing of new textiles.



By choosing OEKO – TEX STANDARD 100 certified clothing you are assured that our products have been manufactured with a focus on human ecological safety. We prioritise the health, wellbeing and comfort of customers by ensuring that SOLO garments meet the strict standards of OEKO – TEX STANDARD 100. This certification ensures that our jackets have undergone rigorous testing for harmful substances providing you with the confidence in safety and sustainability of our products.